Tuesday, December 31, 2013

At the doorstep

This morning I was standing in front of a mirror in my parents house in Saaremaa (where I am having one extra long and relaxing Christmas vacation) together with my sister and my soon-to-be 3 months old little nephew and my sister was telling me how funny it is,  exactly one year ago who would have quessed that we would be standing here together - me back in Estonia and she a mother to the cutest baby boy in the world.
The year of 2013 reall was a weird one for me. Stormy and full of changes. Would have never guess in the beginning of the year where I ended up in the end of the year. Life is funny that way:)

We were discussing the highlights of the year here the other day and for me they would definitely be visiting Australia, moving back to Estonia and changing job (basically the whole way of living) and of course becoming an aunt:) Looking back at the New Year's resolutions I gave in the beginning of the year, all in all, I think I did pretty well:
- I promised to visit my family more often - I did even better, I moved back to Estonia and see them almost every weekend
- I promised to visit at least one new place and I did go to an amazing trip to Australia, great weekend with my sister in Rome, plus discovered some undiscovered close destinations like Vilnius and Trakaj in Lithuania and Frankfurt (not counting the numberous business trips to Oslo and Copenhagen)
- I promised to spend more time with my sister - we had a great sister's time in Rome and now that I'm back, I see her almost every day! So happy!:)
- I promised to try new things - like in the picture in my post in the beginning of the year, I did try surfing! And SUP (kind of paddle surfing). And I did something I have also never done before - I quit my job in Prague before having a new job ready in Estonia. I never do that. But I took the leap of faith and it paid off:).
- I promised to learn how to deal with tough people - well, not sure if I really manage that skill. I do think I learn a lot about people constantly. So that's kind of road of a lifetime, by the time I am 80 I am sure I am perfect at that;)
- I promised to exercise regularly - well...have to leave something for next year also, right?;)

It's so exciting and interesting and little magical that we never know what life holds for us and where we will be in 365 days from now. But there is so many things we can do ourselves to make these 365 days totally awesome so that 1 year from now, looking back, we would have absolutely no regrets! So from the bottom of my heart and from the little island of Saaremaa..

Happy New Year my friends! May this be the year of love, adventures and magic!

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  1. Lots of magic to you too my dearest friend!!!!!! Love you

  2. Kadrikeeee! Same good wishes back to you as well! :)


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