Wednesday, April 2, 2014

American-Caribbean dream second stop - Curacao

It was not my fault. The pause in the blog and sharing my vacation memories I mean. It was also not meant to get you all more excited (did it work tough?). It was just that my computer decided it was too much and stopped all kinds of cooperation. There goes that.
But now weeks later (months it feels), it was actually kind of sweet to put together this post and sort through all the sunny bright blue colorful pictures of Curacao - our second destination during the trip.

This tiny island in the Caribbeans is a funny one. Does it have something spectacular that distinguishes it from all other Caribbean islands? Hmm not sure. Extraordinary sights? Not so much. Did we enjoy it? Ouh yes we did!
The most interesting for me and the part I enjoyed the most (besides the sun and the sea and ice cold coctails) is that it has an interesting combination of two totally different worlds - the colorful houses representing the Caribbean, but minimalist chic interiors with even Scandinavian vibes. Colorful local people mixed with tall blond (handsome;)) tanned Dutch people (being part of Dutch Antilles). Fresh local seafood mixed with vintage-fashion-fusion restaurants. Was unusual and cool.
We stayed at two different places, both I would highly recommend (Bijblauw and Van der Valk Kontiki Beach resort), one was awesome and the other was awesome. We wanted to stay for a while closer to center and then just relax at resort so it was really the best decision we could make. We had time and chance to walk in the center, visit great restaurants, dance the night away but also to lay all day reading books by the pool- and seaside. And then there was of course the catamaran trip to the uninhabited Klein Curacao island and snorkling with the turtles. And the late night swims. And drinking wine on the balcony under palms. And the excitement to find out that the Ursa Major sign in the sky is totally other way around. Aaah..good times.

Below are some pictures if you would like to see..

More after Jump;)

I feel all rested again just by looking at them:)

{Images: personal - Edith Voksepp, Annika Mets and myself}

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