Monday, April 21, 2014

American-Caribbean dream third stop - Miami (finally!!!)

It's time to write the final page of the holiday book that ended already a month a go (time flies!). 
Funnily enough Miami was the place where we took the least pictures. Not sure why. Maybe we were tired or trying to desperately breath in the last bits of the holidays and forgot all about capturing it in these modern day miracles called photos. It's definitely not because there were any less emotions or experiences there.
I heard quite controversial things about Miami before going there. There were people who really hated the place. I did not. I wish we would have had couple of more days to cruise back and forward the South Beach, watch the very colorful pallet of people and sip in the super size tropical coctails. Maybe some day again, for now I remember the 15 km walks from Little Haiti and Havana that nearly killed us all, the colorful lifeguard booths at South Beach, greatgreatgreat birthday wake-up with balloons and macroons and dancing late into the night in tune of some latin rythms. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all.

Below some pictures if you would like to see..

More after the Jump (click it, click it)

{I will probably regret putting this one out here, but it's a truly sweet memory! Thanks so so much Ets and Ann! 28th is the best year ever!}

See you soon Miami! Off to planning the next trip soon ;)

{Images: personal - Edith Voksepp, Annika Mets and myself}

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