Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The story of the ugliest city in the world

Once upon a time there was a ugliest city in the world called Ostrava. One day Ostrava decided to open a huge software company and team up with people in Denmark and somehow this grew out to be a business trip oportunity for yours truly. The end.

Seriously though..isn't life something? Out of all the places in the world, I have a team I work with here now. When living in Prague I used to name it the creepiest city in the world. Also known as "I would rather die then live here". Now throwing mu legs up in the train back to Prague it doesn't seem so bad. I mean, I would still rather die to live there. But hey, I'm in Czech! I'm shining! Waiting for the coctails with the girls in Aloha tonight. And walking through the most magical old town in the world at night. I can't even describe it. Even though I haven't regretted for a second that I moved back to Estonia and I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be, there is this mystical something in Prague that makes me all fuzzy inside. Like fairies and sparkles and falling stars and magic (and no, it's not just the absinth).

I can be off with one day, but it was exactly year ago when I quit my job in Prague. It was a big step for me. That meant I am really doing this. I am really going back. It's official. Because I knew I never change my mind. Weird, huh? A year ago..feels like yesterday. And then it doesn't. I have come so far I think. And yet ironically I am on a train back to Prague.

I love how travelling is the best way to take the time to reflect on your life. So this is where I am, huh? What more do I want from life?

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  1. Ostrava! OuhMy! Ma mäletan kui ma rongist välja astusin siis kohe kartsin,et keegi tuleb joostes ning varastab mu käekoti ära :D!


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